What is The Middle Line in business development?

And how will it help you become a Business Maverick?

In business development, you hear a lot of people saying you need to be looking at the market and adapt to your customers. But what about you? You’ve decided to develop an online business for YOU, nobody else.

But, of course you need sales which requires knowing your customers and the market. So we would be lying if we said just ignore them. You need to incorporate both you & the market. And that is what The Middle Line is all about.

So if you’re sat there googling “how to run a successful online business” look no further.

The “thing” that is going to make it successful is embracing and living to The Middle Line.

And that is exactly what Business Mavericks do. It is exactly what we teach in our course, to take you from being the average Business Owner > Business Maverick so that you can confidently grow an online business and make money from anywhere.

Affordable Business Development Mentoring through using The Middle Line

At the minute you’re probably freelancing and working online as a service provider but:

  • Struggling to get past your limiting beliefs and external opinions.
  • Uncertain of what you actually need to do to develop your business for the long-term.
  • Disorganised with no real goals or strategy to get there.
  • You’re marketing is pretty much non-existent and what you do put out is generating you absolutely no leads.

Well that is because you’re just seeing yourself as an average business owner and not a Business Maverick, you’re not following that all important middle line. You’re going way too far one-way.

And it’s very easy to fall into that trap of going one-way.

But it’s all great us telling you that but what the f*ck can you do about it without costing you you’re left arm or taking pics of your tootsies?!

Just grab a piece of paper & question things.

Look at things from both sides.

Dig deep into your motivations, desires, priorities and visions.

Do your market research and check out competitors.

Understand you & them (being the market and your customers).

Don’t be a complete people pleaser that doesn’t care about yourself or the clients you work with. Where you only care about money or how good you feel.

If you are still thinking ‘I DON’T F*CKING KNOW HOW TO DO THAT OR WHAT TO DO’ we’ve got your back.

Give Become a Business Maverick a try and you’ll see just what we mean when we talk about the middle line. We apply the middle line to everything we talk about – if you want to increase your understanding & develop a business you love, that is sustainable for the long-term so can travel, explore and work from anywhere then following this benchmark is a non-negotiable.

If you’re reading this thinking is this course applicable if you want to start an online business then the answer is hell YES. We literally go back to the very beginning, the first steps when running an online business and build it starting with YOU and then the business. You can check out more about the course and all that is involved here.


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