Have you got some ideas but you think they're just a load of BS?

Is your imposter syndrome is trying to take control?

Do you have a niggling feeling you're starting to become overwhelmed...

Do not ignore that feeling.

The first thing you can do is STOP what you are doing and take some time out. Take a breather. 

Join The Remote Revolution and share your feelings with the rest of us. 


I can bet’cha we’ve all experienced these feelings at some point.

Then if you’re still feeling a bit ‘meh’ a Roadmappin’ call is your next stop. Otherwise…

You keep on plodding away. It will all come together in time right?

When you are feeling resistant, sitting back and just 'letting it go' or 'giving it time' isn't the best option.

You know you best: time is a long-term healer, talking is your short-term healer. This is how it ends up playing out.

If you keep plodding on, trying to get it to 'work' will lead to BURN OUT.

And you wanna know what happens when you burn out?

Step 1. Procrastination.
Step 2. Go round in circles.
Step 3. Your mind is constantly racing.

Then you end up actually giving up because your negative limiting beliefs take over that you cannot do it.
We literally cannot explain how much we DO NOT WANT THIS FOR YOU.

You are doing this to take back control and become a leading business maverick, but it isn't always easy, we are the first to understand and appreciate that.

We have been there, knocked on the door of every single house on the street, stayed inside the house for waaaaay too long sometimes – we have thought every negative thought possible 

As parents, we are all too familiar with the quote “it takes a village” and believe me, it does. 

But sometimes you just don’t want all the noise, all the opinions, all the dictating. You just need to do it by yourself without the added pressure of a big monthly pay-out for coaching.

We don’t wanna just leave you to ‘just deal with it’ but we also don’t want to tie you in to a fixed membership: you need to do it all on your own terms. 

And we say, asking for help is the bravest move you can ever make but when you want and need it.

Book a Roadmappin' to Regain Control call with us and YOU get to pick the agenda.

Whether it is mindset issues or something else has come up within the Become a Business Maverick course we can give you extra clarity, reassurance and support.

And you have the choice, either a one-off one hour call OR 3 hour-long sessions whenever you want to use them. It could be a half-day strategy call (all 3 hours in one) OR use one call every month for a three month period alongside the online course. You do you boo!

Just a few things that former clients have said about us 💚💙

  • “Provided so much valuable information and gave me the motivation to finally start actively working on my business every week”
  • “I had a session with Katie and Mark last night and I woke up feeling less overwhelmed and more in control of getting my VA business started!”
  • “Katie was a complete natural & explained everything very clearly”
  • “The way she presents things is not only practical and information, but also friendly and supportive. She has tried and tested everything she promotes and this shines through in the clarity she brings in every aspect.”
  • “It gave me clarity and the confidence to move forward with my business”
Don’t believe us? Check out our LinkedIn and see the proof for yourself. 

We can guarantee that after your call with us you will go away and…

  • You will feel on top of the fucking world. Literally like you can tear down the Great Wall of China. And you could (but probs don’t we can’t accept legal liability of that).
  • You will feel motivated and ready to take the greatest inspired action to change your life for the absolute better.
  • You will be laughing for at least a week and have had so much fun (Katie is renowned for being super hilarious – ask anyone). 
  • Much less overwhelmed with a strategic view on things and the ability to actually set powerful intentions that will get you where you want to go in business.
  • Able to go away and think seriously about all of the things that might be holding you back from being the entrepreneur you want to be.

The only thing left to say is...

What can you expect to happen now you're ready to book a session with us?

  • Click right here to purchase your Roadmappin call – we use Stripe. 
  • Once your payment has been confirmed you’ll receive an email from us (katie@virtuallyanywhere.online) for you to book your slot in the calendar at a time that suits you – weekdays, evenings OR weekends. 
  • Give us as much detail as you can when you book your session: the more info we have, the more we can help you. 
  • Show up to the session ready to take action, put in the work, driven as hell and with your brain in gear.
This is not a nicey-nicey call, we’re going to get shit done and you are going to have to be completely transparent and don’t even think about making excuses for everything. You’ve got the power to take back control & we’re going to make sure you come away with that power unleashed!

Remember you my friend are an absolute power-house and you will take back control over your professional world, we know it. Let’s get crack-a-lackin.