This membership is suitable for individuals who are not currently a Freelancer, but want to be whether as a side-hustle or full-time. This membership will provide group coaching taking you from being a dependent employee to an independent freelancer building the foundations to create your life of freedom.

  • As an employee you can feel overlooked, undervalued and spend more time working in a job you absolutely hate and not having the time to pursue your passion.
  • You are not alone – so many people feel the same. But only you have the ability to change that.

This membership will provide:

  • Access to a private and exclusive Facebook group, full of ambitious, aspirational Freelancers just like you.
  • Take you on a journey of realisation of how bloody brilliant you are and what your values, passions and vision for your life is.
  • Show you how to become a Freelancer in just a few, small steps.
  • Build the foundations to get you your first (of many) client in the Freelancing world.

Does this sound like the sort of membership that you want to join? From as little as £10 per month you will be shown how to start creating your dream life.

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