We get it, you are spending long hours trying to squeeze into every single hat so your business thrives.

But, this can lead to burn-out, feelings of overwhelm, anger and procrastination where not only your efficiency and productivity decrease, but also the value you provide to your business.

No business owner wants that. Your business is your baby and your ticket to living a freer life.

You need a Freelancer.

And not just any old Freelancer; a verified, trusted, quality and affordable one.

The thing is with using commission-based and generic directories is that

  1. They charge a service fee of up to 10-20% – not exactly affordable for a start-up small biz. Especially when the Freelancers have to higher their prices to account for the 20+% commission taken from them. We do not charge you AT ALL to browse the directory or when asking us for assistance.
  2. You do not know whether the person is reliable, trusted or a real person as with generic directories, there is NO vetting. With every single member we check they are registered with the ICO, have confirmed testimonials and we meet with them virtually to verify them. Hence, why our freelancers are ‘Verified Freelancers’.
  3. There is no checks to find out if the Freelancer is still active. Our members aren’t just a number, we care for every single one and ensure that you, my fellow business owner gets the right support that you need during this vital time of business growth.

Fill in the form below and within 48 hours we will match you to your perfect Freelancer. If we can’t? We’ll utilise our extensive contacts and fellow recruiters until we do.

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