The membership turning inconsistent Freelancers into social media mavericks by transforming their online presence.

  • As a Freelancer who is relatively new to the online world or side-hustling, you feel like you can rely on commission-based platforms or generic business directories (too much) to get you seen and be awarded work.
  • Or you might just simply not know how to increase your visibility at all, I use Facebook Groups and networking usually. But now everyone is raving about social media marketing.
  • When it comes to social media marketing you feel sceptical, baffled and so you keep on lurking, or you use social media so irregularly, you are not seeing the growth you are craving.
  • You just do not know how to utilise it fully and are not getting any leads.

Are you the person saying

“It takes too much time”

“It won’t work, social media is bad”

“I’m embarrassed, what if I get laughed at or look like an idiot”

“I don’t have enough ideas”

“It is not showing my biz in front of the right eyes”

Social media doesn’t have to be complicated, demanding or the reason your biz doesn’t fly.

Social media is the place to showcase your expertise and get seen by the world increasing your leads and well helping your biz to fly.

Join Virtually Anywhere and become a Social Media Maverick for just £30 a month

“Making You a Social Media Maverick” is here to help you break the barriers you have and reinvent the way you approach social media.

Together we can transform your online presence, triple your engagement and put you right in front of your dream clients enabling you to grow your business and build on creating your life of freedom.


Why join “Making You a Social Media Maverick”

  • Bring leads directly to you, forget the middle-man and save on commission and marketing costs.
  • Put you in front of employers and showcase your talents, skillset and value.
  • Recognize how fantastic you and your biz are and celebrate this with a private, inclusive community.
  • Set the foundations for you to build your social media empire.
  • Help you to go from lurker to leader on social media and revolutionise your online world.
  • Allow you to show up daily on social media with fresh, priceless and engaging content.
  • Save you from forfeiting hours scrolling aimlessly online.

“Making You a Social Media Maverick” is a private community where our mission is to showcase, recognise, promote, support, collaborate, and educate you all in one membership.

What is included in your membership?

  • A done-for-you listing on the Virtually Anywhere directory added to the website and social pages.
  • Done-for-you social media marketing promoting you and your work in 12 social media posts per year/1 per month. Carried out by our amazing team of in-house marketers to our engaged audience of business owners and fellow independents.
  • Done-for-you materials including digital confidence prompts, strategy template, time-blocker, awareness calendar and much more for you to amend bespoke to you, with simple steps on how-to-use (worth over £50) to help you set in stone your social media intentions and goals.
  • Spellbinding 5-Pillar-Online training that will shake your online world up (worth over £180) to show you how to utilise social media on a time-budget while still getting leads daily. Focusing on the essential 5-pillars: mindset, strategy, organisation, engagement and content.
  • A virtual seat in the exclusive, online collaborative forum becoming a a ‘Verified Freelancer’ with access to weekly coworking sessions and the opportunity to meet and pick brains of fellow freelancers.
  • Group coaching calls every week dedicated specifically to unique and relevant content creation giving you 10 new prompts every seven days.
  • Group coaching and Q&A calls every month to update you on all things social – keeping you in-the-know. Plus, added guest speakers every month to motivate, inspire and fuel your social media and marketing knowledge.
  • Personalised induction process with a member of the Virtually Anywhere team.
  • Unlimited support from the Virtually Anywhere team included founder, Katie and Sales Director, Mark.

Why should you trust us?

Hi, I’m Katie and founder of Virtually Anywhere. I became a Freelancer over two years ago. But for a long period of that, had no support or direction, was pretty crap at marketing and just relied on commission-based-directories to win work.

I started to learn more about social media and how beneficial it was for business. I couldn’t believe it – I thought social media was full of celebs showing off and mums competing about how cute their baby is. Not business?! WRONG.

Social media is the BEST place to be to market yourself, and your biz online right now. But it can be difficult to understand, to be consistent with, to see a return on your investment. This is why Virtually Anywhere was created. Virtually Anywhere has been created by a freelancer, who 12 months ago was in-your-shoes. Let’s transform your online world together.

Qualification Criteria

  • Registered with the ICO.
  • Charging a minimum of £15.00 per hour and maximum of £100.00 per hour.
  • At least 1 social media platform on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook.
  • Be able to provide a minimum of one reference to a maximum of three from previous clients or employers with email addresses. (If you have not had any previous clients yet then you will still be accepted provided you have a reference or testimonial from a previous employer that can be confirmed).
  • Native to majority-English-spoken countries with fluent verbal and written English.
  • A want and need to transform your online presence and become a social media maverick.

Important Note: all ICO registration numbers will be verified, along with references on random selection.

What is the investment?

The important bit.

£300 per year, with a 3% decrease each year you renew!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Up until 1st January 2023 at 00.00am the annual investment is just £175, and this will get you guaranteed membership up until March 2024!

Or you can opt for the £30-pay-monthly choice and cancel anytime (but there’s no discounts here I’m afraid)

What can this membership guarantee you?

  • You will generate leads every single week via social media.
  • You won’t be getting taxed twice, the commission-based middle-man can do one.
  • You will be posting and showing up every single day.
  • You will be saving hours (and I mean hours) spent online every day.
  • You will go from a lurker to a confident leader on your chosen social media platform.
  • Plus, unconditional and unwavering support from our team.

What is the process and next steps?

  1. If you haven’t already signed up, fill out the registration form here.
  2. Your registration will be confirmed within 48 hours and a contract, welcome pack and invoice will be sent to you (if you opt for monthly payments, you must sign-up to GoCardless which allows us to take monthly payments automatically)
  3. When payment has been received, we will arrange a 30-minute consultation to get to know you, and for you to meet the founder, Katie! We will also work on your directory listing and give you access to the exclusive, private Facebook group. This will give you dates for all upcoming content workshops and speaker events. You can join these immediately! In this group you will also find a step-by-step training area with all of the courses and resources you will need to build your social media empire courtesy of Social Magic.
  4. Your directory listing will be sent to you via email to approve and a G-Drive will be set up containing your listings, ‘Verified Freelancer’ graphics plus a personalised document where you can tell us all of your work-updates for us to use in our posts about you. 

☑️ The sign-up process is complete. Easy right?
It’s important to remember that Virtually Anywhere is not like any old directory ✖

We care about every single one of our members. We want you to take back control over your work and never look back.

So, if you ever have any questions that we don’t cover in our weekly and monthly group sessions, you have unlimited access to my calendar for a call and my emails for a quick one.