Are you a self-employed contractor who goes by the title of;

Freelancer, OSP (Online Service Provider), Virtual Assistant, Independent, Online Professional, Digital Nomad, Consultant

OR aspiring to be.

If so, Virtually Anywhere is the place you need to be.

With different membership types to choose from, Virtually Anywhere accommodates for all freelancers dependent upon the stage you are at in your journey, and all types of budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do we call you a Freelancer, if you call yourself something else?

A: “Freelancer” is a term that covers anybody who is self-employed and works for themself as an independent contractor. It is much simpler to just use one universal term.

Q: How do I know which membership will be right for me?

A: If you select each membership individually, you will find out more information about what each programme provides. But to put it very briefly:

Revolutionizing Freedom Seekers: for individuals who are a Freelancer/OSP and struggling on their journey and just need some extra support.

Making You a Social Media Maverick: for developmental, start-up and struggling (but not limited to) freelancers who need help with their social media marketing and support to transform their online presence.

Q: Can you explain more about the prices?

Virtually Anywhere wants to be the starting place to transform Freelancers and this is shown in the prices.

The Revolutionizing Freedom-Seekers is free to join and is a private Facebook group with support on your Freelancing journey.

You can also join the Making You a Social Media Maverick membership (you don’t have to be part of the free group). You can either pay monthly for £30 and cancel anytime OR pay annually for £300 and receive 3% discount every year you renew.

Q: What is the main difference between the free membership (Revolutionizing Freedom-Seekers) VS paid membership (Making You a Social Media Maverick)?

A: Revolutionizing Freedom-Seekers is pretty generic. You get a basic directory listing and to be part of a

Out In the Open just gets you a directory listing, a ‘Verified Freelancer’ graphic. 12x personalised posts on Virtually Anywhere per year. Plus, access to our private coworking sessions every Wednesday.

Whereas, Making You a Social Media Maverick means you get an advanced directory listing, a ‘Verified Freelancer’ graphic plus social media promotion. You also get a seat in an exclusive and personal Facebook Group with an invitation to weekly co-working sessions, content workshops and monthly group round-up calls talking all things freelance and social media marketing. And not forgetting an awesome guest speaker every month to help you with social media and other aspects of your marketing.

Our fave part is you get access to training and materials (worth over £230) courtesy of Social Magic. This training will shake up your social media marketing journey and ensure you are always achieving your social media goal and getting an influx of leads.

If you have any further questions please email and we will be back in touch with you within 3-5 working days.