What do we actually mean by "Take Back Control over your professional world"?

‘Control’ has a lot of definitions but what we mean is: we want you to maintain influence and authority over your life. Your professional world being your working life. But it is not just influence and authority you need; you need to be happy. And when you keep being controlled by your mind and others, you will never feel in control. 

The starting point for you is to run your own online business and be the one determining how much you earn and when! Let’s face it, in this world today you cannot get by without some form of money.

If you don’t take back that control of your career and finances you’re just going to be in the system up until you retire (which will probably be until you’re at least 68 and the average life expectancy is now 81 so you’ve got 13 years free woopie…)

You will just feel dependent, disappointed and a victim basically forever. 

You don’t want that for yourself, and we definitely don’t want you to have that. You deserve so much more. 

You deserve to be free and in control to work when you want, earn what you want and be wherever you want to be, whenever. 


But just being a ‘business owner’ doesn’t cut it quite the way you need it to. Sure you’ll have influence and authority – but you may not be happy unless you become a business maverick. (Like us – we’re not trying to rub the salt in to the wound, but this is the truth, we are nothing extraordinary and this could be YOU!)

This is your first port of call. A place for you to go to learn how to take back that control and become a business maverick in charge of your professional world. 

In future, the UnSchool will be made up of multiple courses to help you take back control in all areas of your life, but your starting point is your working life.

In the course Become a Business Maverick we will advise you through the whole entrepreneur journey and give you so much reassurance so that you can build the foundations to your online business in your own unique way (psst that’s the maverick part) without dictatorship, without doing-it-for-you and in a flexible and affordable way that works for you and your own style of learning that doesn’t entail the usual four-figure coaching fee. 

Whether you’re craving being able to run your own online business or you’re a newbie entrepreneur who needs a little more support to ensure you are durable in business as an entrepreneur and your business model is also sustainable, Become a Business Maverick has it all to ensure you become a confident, respected and successful entrepreneur living their best happy life, in the way you want to.