Being a business owner is great, but being a Business Maverick is better.

What is a Business Maverick?

An individual who runs their own business in their own world. They are completely individual, happy and have authority. They are confident and see the big picture - not the picture that everybody else wants them to see. They remake their rules and run their own life without the obligation.

That's what you want isn't it?

By becoming a Business Maverick it will enable you to:

  • To stop being overruled by stereotypes and that irritating little devil in your mind trying to make you feel like crap and living in fear and embarrassment so that you can redesign your world the way you want to see it?
  • To actually feel proud of yourself, to be appreciated and feel like a fricken champion instead of pressurizing and beating yourself up and be so happy with your achievements?
  • To be a little more YOU and show this within your business confidently while you have a business reflective of you completely?
  • To be visible, known and remembered for being the absolute boss and actually sustain your business for the long-term?
  • To have control over how your day, week, year looks: walk the kids to school, go to the Cafe, spend some time people-watching, go to the gym, go away multiple times, and to actually be present?
  • To just be happy and feel like your in charge with means of making a stable income without having to listen to everything the gurus are saying to do?

Well, take the course, Become a Business Maverick, duh?

Become a Business Maverick was developed because we wanted to help people who were just like us. 

Completely serious about running an online business but living by stereotypes, constantly searching for the answer externally and listening to others, lacking confidence and feeling very uncertain.

Then it would transfer into the business with constant second-guessing, playing to imposter syndrome, making excuse after excuse about why we can’t do things and just consistently comparing. 

But we didn’t have the income to afford the four-figure business coaching and no means to get the money. 

So over the past seven years, we have tried five completely different business models all to which have ended up in the bin.

We trialled working with free and paid mentors regularly and spontaneously, we tried business plans and no business plans, we literally tried everything on the fucking planet and nothing worked for us until now. But why?

1. The Princes Trust was just a tick-box and they didn’t follow us up (ever). It was literally like they didn’t give a flying fuckery. 👋🏻

2. Our paid coach was all about money-making (aka £10K+ months) and we are not. If you weren’t making a shit ton of money what was the point apparently? 🤑

3. We had to pay upwards of £1.5K for 3 months coaching (and that is cheap compared to the market now!) Slightly out of our budget 😰

4. Every business plan was just too rigid and strict and made us feel overwhelmed and just demotivated because we couldn’t understand it all. 💩

5. NOBODY ever talked to us to explain just how important mindset work is right from the very beginning before you do ANYTHING else. 🤯

6. We thought that when you felt resistance, or didn’t see any results you were meant to just stick with it and wait and see, keep plodding on 👣

7. We did not have a single scooby about who we were, even if we thought we knew. 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻

These are all of the things we have made sure to put in to the course to make sure that you get every penny’s worth. 

√ Regular email check-ins. 

√ The Middle Line premise.

√ Affordable to all budgets.

√ Easy-to-follow and simple modules and workbooks with various interaction for different learning styles. 

√ Mindset work right from the beginning. 

√ Help to rediscover you, set your priorities and actually generate a business model reflective of this and not what the gurus and specific coaches say.

We make recommendations, we DO not dictate. So you have to put in the hard work your end, this course isn’t going to do all of that for you. Plus, you have the option to work with us on a 1:1 that is not only affordable but completely flexible to YOU.

Now we've followed our very own process, built our business (again) and we're here.

Happier than we've ever been and feeling completely authentic where we are OWNING it with so many plans for the future. This is our world, nobody elses.

Wouldn't that be an amazing feeling?

It could be you too.

But what will purchasing 'Becoming a Business Maverick' really do for you?

At the moment, you’re probably…

  • Being controlled by the stereotypes of ‘business people’
  • Petrified to the core and making assumptions
  • Putting way too much pressure on yourself to be a 7-figure business owner in a month
  • Bezzie mates with your ‘Imposter Syndrome’ aka. Irate Kate is mine but NOT in a good way
  • Feeling you know absolutely nothing about business so you can’t be seriously wanting to do this
  • Certainly ‘not creative’ enough to market yourself
  • Have absolutely nobody cheering you on and giving you a kick up the jacksie to do something

This is what will happen to you after taking this course:

  Switch the record and embrace the stereotypes designing your own world where you can show up authentically.

  Stop making assumptions, focus on your end goal and stay in your own lane. Mock that Imposter Syndrome!

√ Gain clarity on the foundations to running and sustaining an online business.

√ Take off your invisibility cloak and show the world how awesome you and your business both are.

√ Get you off your f*cking ASS and do what you’ve always been destined to do!

It may not be shits and giggles all the time.
But just remember...

You have the power and we believe in you.

If you are serious about wanting to run an online business and you just know you've got to do some work and get some additional support first to get you kick-started.
Or you're already running a business and haven't seen the growth you want and you just feel resistant and like something is not right.
Then this course is the best most-affordable starting place for you.

If you are ready to: 

Grow the confidence and strength to be the entrepreneur you want to be.

Build a strong online business that allows you to be virtually anywhere.

Create a business that reflects every bit of you.

Find your Middle Line instead of trying to be overly-positive with regurgitated generic bullshit. 

Set your priorities, get deadly serious and be the starting point for you to build your business.

Overhaul your entire business so that you can be you & you can put this out there for the world to see. 

Then what’s stopping you? 

From where I’m standing you have three main options. 

Option 1. Stay being a dependent in your dead beat job that you hate, you just do it for the £, work up until you retire moaning about how shitty everything in your life is and never actually achieving what you want to. 

Option 2. Go it alone and burn-out, feel overwhelmed, feel exhausted, feel isolated and actually drive yourself into more of a fixed mindset. 

Option 3. Purchase and dedicate time every single week to ‘Become a Business Maverick’ and let us help you figure it all out. Become that confident and respected leader you want to be who takes charge of their life.

We know what choice we’d go for. But now it’s up to you.

What will it be? 

If you need some more information about the course, here is exactly what is involved.

To keep the course simple we’ve broken it down into three chunks that we call the 3 M’s. The 3 M’s are the absolute fundamentals, the backbone to your online business and you need to have all three of these things in perfect combination to ensure you’ve got full control and you are happy in your business.

So what are they and what topics do we talk about in the course? 


  • Your existing limiting beliefs and understand them as to why they are holding you back. 
  • How can you shift your limiting beliefs to become the best entrepreneur you can be.
  • Using the Maverick Star to discover 8 of the key traits for an entrepreneurial mindset. 
  • Understanding what can affect your mindset and how to tackle in future.
  • Your motivations to be in business. 
  • Who are you? What are your values? 
  • How do your values impact upon your business and model.
  • What is your vision and mission in life?


  • Generating a business idea and services based upon The Middle Line that will be exactly you.
  • Understanding your current situation and the impact upon your business and setting your priorities. 
  • Market research and market trends including a SWOT Analysis and Competitor Analysis. 
  • Development of your niche and ideal client.
  • Development of your business & personal brand.
  • Setting business and financial goals and organising and strategizing for the future.
  • Auditing regularly and keeping yourself accountable and being your own best cheerleader.


  • Defining your USP and transformation: your marketing message.
  • Generating a marketing message. (this will be your elevator pitch too!)
  • Marketing channels to use.
  • Social Media planning, creating content, connecting and finding clients, engaging – and everything there is to know about where to be on social media. 
  • Approaching potential clients and making sales. 
  • Your marketing strategy. 

With just one of these M’s missing, your business and entrepreneur journey will not work. And we really really really don’t want that for you. 

So come on, if you’re thinking “Hell YES I need all of that information like NOW, make me a business maverick!” then just click below, pay £249.99 one-off payment for direct access to the course and modules and get your show on the road.

We are so bloody excited to work with you, we’ll see you on the other side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will the course take me to complete?

A: The course is made up of 3 modules and each module has 4 tasks that all vary from around 20 minutes - 45 minutes long. There are workbooks to complete for each task too so overall it is 12 hours max watch time, but longer to complete the tasks.

Q: What will the course get me?

A: We say within 3 months (or whenever you complete it by) you will have got the foundations in place to take back control of your professional world starting with your mind and moving on to your business.

Q: Are there any guarantees / can I get my money back?

A: We don’t make any guarantees – online learning is down to you. We can motivate you till we’re blue in the face (and we will!) but we cannot make you do the work. You cannot get your money back.

Q: What makes it different to other courses?

A: We focus A LOT on mindset work. It is the first place for us – a lot of other business coaches go straight in with the strategy. That’s not how we roll. And we don’t focus on a monetary transformation – sure money is nice and necessary when running a biz
but there is NO point in having money if you aren’t happy. Plus you’ll be limiting your chances of receiving money if you’re not happy and completely understanding of your beliefs.

Yunno if you’re happy, and feeling in control, that directly links to productivity. What happens when you’re more productive? You work less, and have more people wanting to work with you because not only do you have more time but you also have a much clearer, specified marketing message that takes no time at all to understand.

Q: Will this course show me how to start a business OR upgrade my current business?

A: 110% – upgrading YOU is upgrading your business. We focus on YOU first and get past your limiting beliefs that are not allowing you to be, you. Then put this into your business model, business goal, business strategy, business overall. Then your marketing. Everything is based around you – because that is what is going to make you a maverick.

Q: Why do you even have the experience to back it up?

A: Read our blog and our about me section to find out all about us. And give us a follow on our socials; you’ll find out everything there is to know (Kate is renowned for not holding back, anything 💩)

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