You've got some ideas about the online business you want to create but...

You need that added clarity to help put pen to paper in a strategic and comprehensive format.

We needed that. We had a pad, with no real structure and notes dotted everywhere. But we could not find an affordable coach at that time so that was that.

This is the premise behind Becoming a Business Maverick course. We want to help as many of you, become business mavericks, running an online business without having to cut off your right leg or take pictures of your feet (people actually pay for that?!).

You're probably sat there thinking...

How do I do it?! I don't get it all?! Where do I start?! I'm so confused and overwhelmed.

Burn Out

And do you know what happens when you feel burnt out? 

You go round in circles. You procrastinate. Your mind is constantly racing and you can't understand WTF is going on in the ol' noggin.

Then you give up because your negative limiting beliefs take over that you cannot do it.  

We literally cannot explain how much we DO NOT WANT THIS FOR YOU.

And we literally cannot tell you enough that YOU CAN DO IT!

You just need support.

Cue: Becoming a Business Maverick.

Think – an average business plan but multiplied by 100, with less of a tick box attitude and real life experience. Even though this course is all online, we take every inch of starting an online business and talk you through each step in detail. It’s a business plan, on steroids. And including tips, advice and extra information that you will never find on a business plan template you’ve got from Google.

With videos and plenty of worksheets so that you can build the foundations you need to become a confident, respected and successful business owner who can be virtually anywhere. Remember, we are here to create Mavericks that Control Their World.

But don't think we're just going to leave you to it there...

You can keep plugging away on your own (that’s totally cool) but we weren’t put on this earth to go it alone. As parents, we are all too familiar with the quote “it takes a village” and believe me, it does. Asking for help is the bravest move you can ever make.

Power Hour

You get to pick the agenda and you get to pick our brains on absolutely anything that has come up within the course or within your biz journey that you need a little extra clarity on in one hour. Think of it as business consultancy.


£99 per session

Half-day Strategy Session

We’ll spend 3 hours on a day suitable for you (Monday-Sunday) from 1.00pm – 4.00pm GMT with an hour spent on mindset, master-planning and marketing and work through the online course (course must be purchased separetely).

£249 per session + course to be purchased seperately

What can you expect to happen now you've enrolled in the course and booked a session with us?

  • Start working your way through the course on Teach:Able in the School for Business Mavericks. 
  • You will receive a link to book in your session and you can pick a time that suits you. 
  • Show up to the session ready to take action, put in the work, driven as hell and with your brain in gear. 

Then after your session with us…

  • You will feel on top of the fucking world. Literally like you can tear down the Great Wall of China. And you could (but probs don’t we can’t accept legal liability of that).
  • You will feel motivated and ready to take the greatest inspired action to change your life for the absolute better.
  • You will be laughing for at least a week and have had so much fun (Katie is renowned for being super hilarious – ask anyone). 
  • Much less overwhelmed with a strategic view on things and the ability to actually set powerful intentions that will get you where you want to go in business.
  • Able to go away and think seriously about all of the things that might be holding you back from being the entrepreneur you want to be. 
A little birdie actually said “you will gain SO much it’s a no-brainer.”
You will have built the foundations you need, you will be evolving into the best online business owner you could imagine being. 

And we are down to watch that fucking happen. We’re your biggest cheerleaders and you’ve got this shit down.

LET'S GOOOOOOO ✊🏻👏🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻✌🏻

What do we cover in Become a Business Maverick?

There are three main areas that we will address and these are:


  • Your motivations to be in business. 
  • Who are you? We focus on learning who you are. 
  • What are your values? 
  • How do your values impact upon your business and model.
  • What is your vision and mission in life? 
  • What are your limiting beliefs? 
  • How can you shift your limiting beliefs to become the best entrepreneur you can be.
  • The Maverick Star.


  • How to go from side-hustle to leaving your PAYE job.
  • Generating a business idea and services based upon The Middle Line that will be exactly you. 
  • Understanding your current situation and the impact upon your business and setting your priorities. 
  • Market research and market trends. 
  • SWOT Analysis and Competitor Analysis. 
  • What is your niche and ideal client?
  • Development of your business & personal brand.
  • Setting business and financial goals including your price. 
  • Creating your business description and elevator pitch.
  • Organising and strategizing for the future. 
  • Auditing regularly and keeping yourself accountable and being your own best cheerleader.


  • Defining your USP and transformation: your marketing message.
  • Marketing channels to use.
  • Social Media planning, creating content, connecting and finding clients, engaging – and everything there is to know about where to be on social media. 
  • Approaching potential clients and making sales. 
  • Your marketing strategy. 

If you're thinking "Hell YES I need all of that information like NOW" then just click below and get access to the UnSchool for Mavericks.