Hey guys 

We are Katie and Mark, better known as The Caravan Mum and Dad. We have three amazing little ones and one baba on the other side 👼🏻

What makes us the Caravan Mum and Dad? Well, we have lived in a caravan since October 2021 travelling around the Great British Isles.

We wanted to escape the shackles of city life, break BS stereotypes, remove our children from our failing education system and not have to be working every single day on minimum wage with a shit pension pot requesting time off to go away for a weekend and just generally not have to complain about wasting our life away every single day.   

But it isn’t easy to break away from the perceived “norm”. It can be hard to let go fully, we still have to go and buy our food from the shops and have a regular bank. But we were lucky in a respect; we had funds to aid our travelling as we sold our home back in Coventry in the West Midlands. It didn’t mean we could just have a fucking jolly though, we weren’t stupid, the plan was not to live in the caravan for the rest of our lives so that money went in to our savings. And it has now been spent entirely on our static caravan – so it’s all on us & believe it when I say, we’re not rolling in it (yet). 

We have had to graft and freelance in order to pay our way. Because believe it or not, you still need at least £1K per month to fund a caravan lifestyle as a family. 

After dabbling in the freelance world before (and it going absolutely fucking titties up) I (Katie) had very little self-belief and motivation. I felt unworthy of being in business and for a long time this massively impacted on me, until I started reading a few mindset books in the middle of last year and really working on what was going on in my noggin. Then putting a proper business strategy into place.

We spent ages absolutely racking our brains to figure out what to do. We knew that helping people was the starting place. Katie had already tried coaching before in lockdown #1. After skirting around the truth and avoiding it for AGEEEEES we hit the spot: we wanted to work with people who were complete start-ups and wanted to escape from society the same way that we did. But particularly people with a low budget to spend varying from unemployed, students, public-service assistants and those on Universal credit. 

Hence, Virtually Anywhere was born with a mission to help you guys. 

A passion to help people take control over their professional lives and navigate themselves out of the rat race so they can live a life where they have time and location freedom to do whatever they want, whenever they want (kids or no kids!)

Running your very own online business will do that for you. Whether that is through freelancing, coaching, e-commerce. It is possible to take an online business wherever and do whatever you fucking want

We have taken Virtually Anywhere through the exact same process we teach to all of you lovely people and we know just how beneficial it really is. 

We’ve tried multiple businesses in the past, all have failed, because we never ever got any help and support. Even this venture has taken months because of getting past so many blocks like losing a business coach, losing clients to fund mentoring and mindset issues.

That doesn’t make you a bad person, an unworthy person, somebody who cannot be a business owner. It makes you completely normal. All these things we address in our courses and make sure you have the support you need. You’re not a number to us, you’re a real person and we care probably too much sometimes. 

And we cannot wait to work with you. (We hope you can’t wait too but I’m not sure this picture will fill you with confidence….)

You can follow us on LinkedIn and our adventures on TikTok too and get an insight into our lives and exactly what our teachings are all about. 

The note we want to leave you on is: if you can dream it, you can achieve it. Please don’t listen to the media, please don’t listen to your BS neighbour who spouts out that ‘business is hard and you can’t do it’ or any of those limiting beliefs that tell you, you will never achieve what you want. You’ve got that power and you can bring it and make your life fucking awesome.