Virtually Anywhere is a Freelancer site like no other.

The mission of Virtually Anywhere is to make Freelancing the leading way of working and give individuals control back over their professional lives to create the freedom they desire.

In order to do this, freelancers must become more visible and overcome barriers that are blocking them from creating this life.

Virtually Anywhere was founded by me, Katie, a freelance-extraordinaire who had been working as a freelancer for 18 months and had seen very little growth, believed that freelancing couldn’t be a permanent way of life and that the only way to pick up clients was through using commission-based platforms and charging a pittance. Virtually Anywhere is here to show that none of that is true.

Hi, I’m Katie and I’m a mum of 3, explorer, nature-lover, Harry Potter’s no.1 fan who loves chocolate cake & tea ☕

Prior to launching Virtually Anywhere, me and my family lived as digital nomads, travelling the country in our Adria caravan. I say prior to launching, but we are still digital nomads now, except we have upgraded to a Swift static caravan – woop woop.

I have been working as a freelancer for the past 2.5 years and can honestly say I have learnt more lessons in this time than at any period of my life. This is why I am so hell-bent on helping people to create their life of freedom and why Virtually Anywhere has been born.

Whether you call yourself a business owner, entrepreneur, self-employed individual, freelancer, service provider, founder – you are starting to create your own professional freedom, as I am, and I am extremely passionate about ensuring that you continue living this life. But we cannot do it alone, biz owners need freelancers and freelancers need biz owners. Virtually Anywhere is a place to bring us all together and create our independence.