Evolving Freedom-Seekers to take back control & go from lurker > leader 

All without the four-figure price tag.

You've taken a massive step in becoming a business owner but it hasn't quite gone the way you were expecting?

You still don't feel you have the complete control and you're not unleashing the real you and being totally authentic.

It's time to become a Business Maverick, show your strength and show off your confidence.

You say things like “I can’t do that I’m not….” or you just don’t know how to do it right now so you think you are incapable? You’re full of fear, uncertainty, shame…

You are embarrassed and in return you’re not confident and authoritative like you wanna be. You’re struggling with that shift to being an entrepreneur. 

You actually feel massive resistance with your business but you think you’ve gotta ‘long it out’ or that you haven’t got anything that sets you apart and this means you can be doing something completely different to what others tell you to do?

We’ve been there, done that, got the T-Shirt and the Trousers, and the Hoody actually. 

By carrying on living like this ⬆️ you will never be able to take back control of your professional life happily, become the leaders in your field and have that entrepreneurial strength you want to have.

Because you are being controlled. But…

There is actually a life out there where you can escape from your current reality and make your dreams (well visualisations) actually come true.

You can go from being a lurker to being a leader. You can go from dependent to independent in a blink of an eye (ok, maybe a bit longer than a blink).

You can fully take back control of your professional life. 

We know because we did it too.


Learn how to become a Business Maverick

The most affordable, simple and thorough start-up business mentoring you’ll find. 

Become a Business Maverick

The online course for setting up an online business and guide you to use your power to become a successful and happy entrepreneur in an affordable and simple way. Focusing on the three M's we encourage you to become a maverick through interactive learning.

The Remote Revolution

The free community that will support you in your business journey while you are paving the path to freedom. The Remote Revolution is an army of solopreneurs who share inspiration, motivation and advice to allow you to firmly sit in the drivers seat of your life while you are growing your online business.

Roadmappin 1:1 Mentoring

Book a 1:1 Roadmappin to Regain Control Mentoring session available 7 days a week to work together to get more clarity and help you find your way through your entrepreneurial journey to ensure you will smash 2023 and feel great about yourself as an online business owning maverick.

Our testimonials

I had four weeks' worth of coaching sessions with Katie and I can honestly say they were fantastic! Katie provided so much valuable information and gave me the motivation to finally start actively working on my business every week. I have been putting these practices in to place over the last few weeks and I am already starting to see inquiries about my services in my inbox. Katie is super knowledgeable, friendly, and hilarious, and I can't recommend her enough. 🙂
Kirby Rogers
Virtual Assistant
I had a Business Strategizing Power session with Katie and Mark last night and I woke up feeling less overwhelmed and more in control of getting my VA business started! We had great fun throughout the session, and I felt I could really relax. Mark gave me a few exercises to do which will help with my mindset, allowing me to stay confident and courageous in my venture. These exercises will enable me to become more patient and disciplined in my daily life.
Jane Findlay
Virtual Assistant

Come and meet the Caravan Mum and Dad

We’ve been living in our caravan since October 2021 and upgraded to a static caravan in November 2022. We are avid travellers and this has meant we had to create an online, remote business to keep us going.  Going from having no experience in business to freelance extraordinaires to turning to mentoring to help people who were just like us. Find out our story here.